Coxswain Coaching Camps – Champion Creating Future Champions Mary Whipple on strategies and skills athletes develop at her 9th Seat Coxswain Leadership Camp By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments Mary Whipple, who won three Olympic Medals, two Gold and one Silver, plus five World Championships, knows exactly how to achieve extraordinary results. As coxswain to the serially successful USA Women’s Rowing Eight, she was responsible for leading, understanding and ultimately driving her team across the line in first position, multiple times. Now, she shares her... Full article

The How, What and Why of Athlete Leadership – Tips for Coaches An efficient and effective leadership approach for athletes By Bo Hanson – Director and Lead Consultant So, you’ve just decided on the leadership role or roles within your team. Now the journey begins! What do you want your leaders to do? How do you expect them to carry out the role? You might have your own ideas and that’s fantastic. Maybe you’ve coached a team with effective leadership, and you know... Full article

Here was a team that had fallen apart at the Commonwealth Games less than a year ago, but were now being crowned as World Champions. What can they teach us: Mostly it was about selecting the right people in all of the roles, players, managers, coaching team It also required good planning that is systematic and deals with facts and good data. . .  and is not complicated and is based on simplicity Understand that there will be no execution... Full article Full article

Nathan has been around rugby and coaching for most of his life. He is currently part of the coaching team with Canterbury in the 2019 campaign. Recently, at a public presentation he, along with the other coaches, talked about the secret elixir to success that seems to be part of the Canterbury and Crusaders winning formulae. Culture is the main ingredient it would seem. Perhaps that is why it remains so elusive for many other franchises and provinces. It is... Full article

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