Nathan has been around rugby and coaching for most of his life. He is currently part of the coaching team with Canterbury in the 2019 campaign. Recently, at a public presentation he, along with the other coaches, talked about the secret elixir to success that seems to be part of the Canterbury and Crusaders winning formulae.

Culture is the main ingredient it would seem. Perhaps that is why it remains so elusive for many other franchises and provinces. It is elusive by its very nature. There are so many factors that start it, build it, permeate it, establish it and sometimes destroy it. But it is one of the foundation keys to success.

Like others here in Canterbury talking about the winning culture and how to establish one, the secret lies within one basic concept. And that concept is communication and making connections. Connecting with players, coaches, management, and to go a step further, supporters and community is where the winning bonds are built. Nathan saw this as a big part of managing egos as well, and not just the players but coaches too. Everyone has an ego, he said, but if we are connected ego, however big or small, can be managed. He finished by saying, if egos are so big that they are uncontrollable, they won’t be playing for Canterbury!

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