Nathan has been around rugby and coaching for most of his life. He is currently part of the coaching team with Canterbury in the 2019 campaign. Recently, at a public presentation he, along with the other coaches, talked about the secret elixir to success that seems to be part of the Canterbury and Crusaders winning formulae. Culture is the main ingredient it would seem. Perhaps that is why it remains so elusive for many other franchises and provinces. It is... Full article

If you head down to Rugby Park in Christchurch you will see the old Rugby Park and the new Rugby Park. The old Rugby Park is a somewhat battered and dilapidated building with a spectator stand facing the field, a number of rooms underneath including change rooms and a small gym area. Above and to the left are a series of small rooms that were used as offices. This building was where 7 Super Rugby titles were won. It is... Full article

Recently, Sam Whitelock spent time with a Total Tours rugby group. As per usual, he offered his time over breakfast to answer some questions. One of those questions was about team culture and how do you develop it. Sam replied: Culture is many things. It could be that funny hat that one of your players is wearing: is that for the Dick of the Day? It could be how your coach or captain conducts themselves and leads by example. It... Full article

1. Expertise is domain specific and developed over a long time We often reference the 10,000 hour rule as being the minimum amount of time required to reach expert status in anything.  (For more information, refer to the book The Talent Code.) Whilst it is possible to be great prior to this, the greatness experienced is likely to be as a result of some physiological ability, talent or external course of events, not because you are an expert.  Expertise is also... Full article

Does your program breed toughness in your team? In this concise video, Bo Hanson simplifies the dialogue around toughness in sport by providing a short definition of what we mean when we talk toughness. He describes what tough athletes look like, and the ways in which this attribute can separate and elevate performance. Hanson also presents effective strategies for athletes to utilize when they need to rely on their toughness and how to perform at their best when it matters... Full article

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