Often we come across parents and coaches who are looking for resources for how to navigate the world of youth sports and all that comes with that. Sport can be a phenomenal way to help teach your young person some life skills as well as help to build character and resilience. There are however a lot of unknowns and aspects outside of your control, coaches, teachers, administrators, other parents, other players. These are often tender years and as parents you’ll be wanting to ensure that you give your emerging athlete the best chance at growing and developing healthy habits, skills and relationships that will serve them long into their adult lives. We’ve compiled a list of some helpful resources that might help you navigate this time in their lives.


The Sports Parenting Podcast
Featured on MLB Academy, CNN, CoachUP (CU), USA Football, and the Huffington Post

Janis wants to help parents guide their children to become champions in sports and in life. Sports should be more than just a game. More than wins and losses. More than stats and scholarships. She believes competition provides a perfect setting for character growth. She’s been on both sides of the bench as a parent and a coaches wife.

Playing sports brings excitement and recognition. It may even help pay for college and open doors for the future. But nothing will ever be more important than the type of person your son or daughter becomes in the process.

Janis has written many books on the topic, including 11 Habits of Happy and Positive Sports Parents she’s also written a free resource that’s pretty handy a 4 step planto help you enjoy your time as a parent in youth sports


The Ultimate Sport Parent Podcast Instilling confidence and success in young athletes

The Ultimate Sports Parent Radio-a series of audio interviews–offers sports parents and youth coaches tips and strategies about specific youth sports issues, which are listed below. You can listen to the audios online, download them to your computer, or use iTunes to listen to them any time.

The show includes interviews with sports parents, youth sports experts, and coaches. Listeners hear other parents’ stories and get practical information about playing time, difficult coaches, kids’ worries, how to improve kids’ mental game, sports kids’ confidence, and other issues.


The Sports Parent
The husband/wife wonder duo of sportswriter Jeff Pearlman and family coach Catherine Pearlman merge sports and parenting into a podcast that digs into everything from overzealous Little League parents to participatory trophies for all. Featuring a loaded guest list of some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment.

Why Youth Sports Makes Parents Crazy 
*One off Episode

In this—the final episode of Season One—Dr. Sara and Dr. John talk about how youth sports can be the royal road to emotional problems for parents. Highlights include:
(a) a discussion of how easy and natural it is for parents to get overemotional about their child’s athletic performance
(b) ideas for emotional preparation
(c) the sorts of bad advice parents can yell from the sideline (but shouldn’t!)
(d) insights from Coach Collin Fehr, who, with his newly minted doctorate, shares the “best thing” for parents to remember.

Educational resources from this podcast that are super helpful with a whole list of “must read” books for parents of young athletes. Educated Sport Parent Website 


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