Recently, Sam Whitelock spent time with a Total Tours rugby group. As per usual, he offered his time over breakfast to answer some questions. One of those questions was about team culture and how do you develop it. Sam replied: Culture is many things. It could be that funny hat that one of your players is wearing: is that for the Dick of the Day? It could be how your coach or captain conducts themselves and leads by example. It is many things, but mostly it is communication. And not just communication amongst players. It is how many links there are throughout the squad: partners, kids, friends, staff and others. These are the threads that weave together to make up the cultural fabric. The more threads, more tightly interwoven the stronger the garment will be.

2 days ago

Total Tours NZ
The new Christchurch Netball Centre opened to the public for the first time on the weekend. What an amazing and spectacular building: 10 courts with partitions to create seperate spaces, an excellent mezzanine floor for spectating and an outstanding entry foyer for a reception area. This is a truly superb asset to Christchurch and the South Island. We can't wait to host our teams here, when the opportunity presents itself. We also hope to have an netball announcement in the near future!! What this space. ... See MoreSee Less
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