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Why Tour to New Zealand?

We're a small but mighty, sport loving nation, come explore! Discover New Zealand

How big is football in New Zealand?

Can you believe it? There are more football players than rugby players here. Find your ideal tour

Football (Soccer) is one of the worlds most beloved sports.

See some sample Football Tours that show you New Zealand's natural treasures and give you an opportunity to play against other teams, and train with New Zealand coaches. Total Tours - Football has a partnership with Mainland Football, which provides access to 1st-class facilities and coaching.

Football Tours

Football – Team Builder Tour Image

Football – Team Builder Tour

  • ten days
  • four overnight locations
  • three games
  • three expert coaching sessions
  • four excursions
Football – Academy Specialist Tour Image

Football – Academy Specialist Tour

  • 12 days
  • two overnight locations
  • four games
  • two expert coaching sessions
  • four excursions

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