Exceptional Service

This is consistently the number 1 reason that our schools, clubs, teachers and parents keep coming back to us.

We are all lovers of sport and are passionate about providing the best touring experience possible, show casing  New Zealand and using sport to share in culture, learning, discovery and development.

Phil Robson the Managing director has a strong background in education and understands what it really takes to ensure young athletes are safe, having fun, learning and growing during their time overseas.

Coaches who have tried to either organize a tour themselves or use other tour companies have consistently commented that we diligently ensure well matched competitions/games, we understand the needs and objectives of those who are organizing the tour and that we think ahead to create opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

We are priced very competitively. Coaches, parents and tour organizers often comment how much value for money the tour is and that it’s the service, personal touch, and passion for delivering an exceptional service that keeps them coming back.

They often comment that there is no way that they could have organized the locations, excursions, games, and interactions that the teams were able to experience.

See what our clients say about us 


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Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes)

The beauty of having a small population is that international sports talent is lurking around every corner. Kiwis are known to be advocates of growing sport in general. This has been much of the reason why New Zealand competes in many sports at the international level. This commitment to growing the sport and inspiring young athletes extends to all who visit. The passion for their chosen sport, whether it’s rugby, rowing, netball, basketball or hockey is strongly evident amongst our top talent that is eager to help coach, be a part of our celebrity breakfasts, and to answer questions and inspire your athletes.

Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 1Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 2Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 3Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 4Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 5Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 6Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 7Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 8Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 9Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 10Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 11Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 12Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 13Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 14Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 15Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 16Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 17Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 18Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 19Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 20Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 21Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 22Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 23Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 24Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 25Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 26Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 27Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 28Top Local Talent (Coaching and Professional Athletes) image 29

Quality Excursions

We pride ourselves on delivering quality excursions beyond the sport specific elements. We know you want to maximise all of your time here. Over the years we have fine tuned the excursion offerings and have ensured that it is age specific. With the extensive teaching experience of our Managing Director, Phil Robson we have ensured that all excursions are age appropriate and deliver great value.

We recognise that a trip for sport has objectives beyond just sport itself. We have found experiences that enhance team building skills, leadership skills, as well as educational experiences that keep the athletes engaged.

Whether you want to stay situated in one area in the country or travel top to bottom we’ve curated the highest quality experiences that deliver value and memories.

We take great pride in New Zealand as the greatest adventure nation on earth. Every year people come from all over the world to experience our natural wonders and explore our untouched lands.

Quality Excursions  image 1Quality Excursions  image 2Quality Excursions  image 3Quality Excursions  image 4Quality Excursions  image 5Quality Excursions  image 6Quality Excursions  image 7Quality Excursions  image 8Quality Excursions  image 9Quality Excursions  image 10Quality Excursions  image 11Quality Excursions  image 12Quality Excursions  image 13Quality Excursions  image 14Quality Excursions  image 15Quality Excursions  image 16Quality Excursions  image 17Quality Excursions  image 18Quality Excursions  image 19Quality Excursions  image 20Quality Excursions  image 21Quality Excursions  image 22Quality Excursions  image 23Quality Excursions  image 24Quality Excursions  image 25Quality Excursions  image 26

High Performance

New Zealand is well known in many sports for punching above its weight. New Zealand has a strong sense of itself. It understands what it is like to be the small fish in the big pond. It knows that it takes much more than pure skill to achieve at the highest level. This will-to-win attitude is embodied in our top international team, the All Blacks; one of the most successful sports teams ever. They have led from the front and within our sports communities there are many other examples of this extraordinary ability to rise from obscurity.

Here in New Zealand you will get a chance to experience this first hand. In our High Performance tours we not only get you close to our elite coaches and players, but you also get the chance to see and feel what is difficult to describe. We are referring to a high performance culture that keeps it real.

We’ve developed High Performance Elements for many of our sports. We’ve got mental skills coaches, nutrition coaches, strength and conditioning, video analysis sessions as well as top level elite sport specific coaches that will reach your athletes and help to bring out the best in each player.

If you’d like to request a sample itinerary of what a High Performance Tour for your sport looks like please fill out the form below.

High Performance  image 1High Performance  image 2High Performance  image 3High Performance  image 4High Performance  image 5High Performance  image 6High Performance  image 7High Performance  image 8High Performance  image 9High Performance  image 10High Performance  image 11High Performance  image 12High Performance  image 13High Performance  image 14High Performance  image 15High Performance  image 16High Performance  image 17High Performance  image 18High Performance  image 19High Performance  image 20High Performance  image 21High Performance  image 22High Performance  image 23

Risk Assessment and Safety

We appreciate that taking young athletes on a trip overseas can be daunting and you’ll want to ensure that every aspect of risk management is thought of. We can provide you risk assessment documentation for each sport that you may be interested in. Further to that we have processes in place that ensure all team leaders are aware of the risks, the local emergency service providers, where to get medical supplies and anything else that might be needed.

  • We provide contacts for physiotherapy where required
  • We provide each visiting team with a local phone and phone number to use during their stay
  • We carry comprehensive liability insurance
  • We encourage all teams to purchase travel insurance

Please do not hesitate to ask about further risk assessment requirements your school or club may have.

Safety is important to us and we do everything we can to prevent mishaps or unfortunate events, so that you can fully enjoy the experience

Sports Associations

We have relationships with local sporting associations that are part of the Red and Black Nation. Through this we are able to bring our visiting sides unprecedented access into high performance environments and facilities to explore what it takes to play at the next level and inspire young athletes to continue in sport and strive to achieve all they can.

Sports Associations image 1Sports Associations image 2Sports Associations image 3

Local Sporting Connections

We have intentionally focused our efforts on building local relationships to be able provide a rich touring experience for all our visitors.

We work diligently with local clubs and service providers and have built up the trusted relationships to ensure that your visit here is exceptional and memorable. We understand that if you are travelling overseas for sport you want to ensure you have proper competition, facilities, coaching and excursions.

Whatever the sport (from rugby to rowing, football, basketball, cricket, netball and hockey)we’ve spent time nurturing and building relationships with local sports associations and personnel. It’s these trusted relationships that allow us to cater tp whatever needs the group may have.

We ensure games/fixtures with local competition is best suited to your skill level. We work with the local sides to ensure that the competition on the day will be well matched to your team’s standard, to test them but also provide an enjoyable experience.

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